Nanometrology & Nanofluidics

Nanometrology & Nanofluidics

Nanometrology mainly involved with the science of activity at the nanoscale level. Nanometrology incorporates a crucial role so as to provide nanomaterials and devices with a high degree of accuracy and reliableness in nanomanufacturing. A challenge during this field is to develop or produce new activity techniques and standards to fulfill the requirements of next-generation advanced producing, which is able to admit nanometer-scale materials and technologies. the requirements for activity and characterization of the latest sample structures and characteristics so much exceed the capabilities of current activity science.
• Surface And Bulk Properties In Nanoscale
• Stability of Signals
• Nanomaterials synthesis and properties
• Height Measurement Calibration At The Nanometer Scale Of Size
• Instrumentation and Metrology for Nanomechanics

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